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Nutra Innovations | Mass Construction

Nutra Innovations | Mass Construction

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Know About Our Product

 Increase Lean Muscle Mass

 Improve Recovery

 Increase Strength

      • Turkesterone 1,000mg - Turkesterone has been shown to improve performance, increase lean mass and strength. Turkesterone is plant derived and should not have negative side effects. Research suggests Turkesterone could have a positive impact on natural hormone levels.


      • Fadogia Agrestris 600mg - Fadogia Agrestris has been shown to increase natural testosterone levels. Increase in lean body mass, improved recovery and major strength gains.


      • Ecdysterone 300mg - Research suggests Beta Ecdysterone may help support protein synthesis which supports lean body mass when combined with resistance training. Ecdysterone is plant derived and completely natural in nature.


    • Lonjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) 300mg - Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries to improve male fertility, improve body composition and elevate testosterone levels.
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