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1st Phorm | Ignition

1st Phorm | Ignition

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Elevate your workouts and supercharge your post-workout recovery with Ignition by 1st Phorm. Ignition is not just another carbohydrate supplement; it's a key ingredient for maximizing your results.

You know that what you consume immediately after an intense workout can make or break your gains. Ignition was specifically designed to address a crucial but often overlooked aspect of post-workout nutrition: replenishing glycogen stores and spiking insulin for optimal protein and nutrient absorption.

While protein is important post-workout, it's only part of the equation. When you consume protein alone, your body slowly digests it, converts most of it into glucose, and channels it into cells as glycogen. This conversion process is time-consuming and can delay your body's recovery and muscle-building processes.

To address this, Ignition is formulated with pure dextrose monohydrate, one of the most refined carbohydrates known to deliver glycogen directly to your muscles. It ignites muscle growth by replenishing glycogen stores and spiking insulin levels, creating an ideal environment for recovery and protein synthesis. Insulin is a powerful hormone that, when harnessed correctly, leads to explosive muscle growth. It acts as the key to unlock your cells, allowing proteins to be absorbed into your muscles, boosting the percentage of protein that your body utilizes for conversion.

Ignition surpasses other carbohydrate sources by delivering pure dextrose monohydrate to your muscles while bypassing liver storage, saving valuable time and rapidly initiating the recovery process. Stack Ignition with your high-quality hydrolyzed whey isolate immediately post-workout, and you'll buy muscle-building time. Shorten your recovery period, and you'll add muscle-building time to your day, giving you an edge in your fitness journey.

Ignition is more than a supplement; it's a catalyst for explosive muscle growth and enhanced post-workout recovery. Experience the immediate effects of increased energy, enhanced muscle stamina, and a heightened sense of well-being. Buy muscle-building time with Ignition and unleash the full potential of your fitness goals."


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Customer Reviews

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But, the amazing taste is just a bonus. The real reason I love this product is because of its effectiveness. Within minutes of taking Ignition, I can feel a surge of energy and focus kick in.


This product is absolutely amazing and has quickly become my go-to pre-workout supplement.