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Afterdark Supplements | 3β-Andro XR®

Afterdark Supplements | 3β-Andro XR®

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Know About Our Product

Step into a new realm of muscle growth with Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro, fortified by Epiandrosterone XR. This supplement opens the door to exceptional dry muscle mass development, elevating your journey to sculpting a more defined and powerful physique.

Epiandrosterone XR: Your Muscle Gains Catalyst: Epiandrosterone XR is the secret behind the transformation. It empowers you to achieve remarkable quality gains while avoiding the bloated appearance associated with other supplements. It's perfect for both muscle-building and cutting, delivering that coveted hard and refined look. Each week, you'll witness your muscles getting denser and more pronounced.

Why Choose Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro?

  • Experience pure muscle mass gains.
  • Harness the potent protein-building action.
  • Combat catabolism effectively.
  • Benefit from support in fat reduction.
  • Sculpt a hardened and more defined physique.

Epiandrosterone Use and Synergistic Combinations: While Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro is highly effective on its own for lean muscle gains, you can take it to the next level by combining various. Research compounds and prohormones. 

Inside Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro: A Closer Look: Every serving, conveniently encapsulated in a single capsule, contains:

  • Epiandrosterone XR (115 mg): A precursor to prohormone stanolone, known for its robust androgenic effects. Epiandrosterone doesn't aromatize, sparing you from gynecomastia and water retention. It's your gateway to pure muscle mass, boosted strength, and enhanced muscle density and definition.

The Perfect Dosage for Your Muscle Transformation: To unlock the potential of Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro, simply consume one capsule per day. This is your path to a transformed physique, and since it's non-methylated, it's gentle on your liver and won't convert into estrogen.

Post-Cycle Support (PCT): After completing your cycle, we recommend using PCT-type products to ensure a smooth transition.

Experience the Afterdark 3-Beta-Andro advantage, where muscle gains meet definition, setting you on the path to your desired physique.

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