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Afterdark Supplements | Isodrol XR (120 Count)

Afterdark Supplements | Isodrol XR (120 Count)

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Know About Our Product

  • Introducing Afterdark Isodrol - the ultimate testosterone booster with a mission to ignite your anabolic potential and supercharge your muscle-building journey. This exceptional supplement harnesses the power of three highly effective active substances to take your gains to the next level.

    Unleash the Potency of Isodrol: Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps is meticulously crafted to deliver a transformative experience for those seeking a substantial boost in testosterone levels. Here's what makes Isodrol your key to anabolic success:

    • Enhanced Anabolic Effects: Isodrol's core action revolves around activating the metabolic machinery responsible for driving muscle growth. You'll experience increased protein synthesis, heightened insulin sensitivity, and the ability to absorb more protein effectively. These effects lay the foundation for quality gains without the risk of bloating or gynecomastia.

    • Elevated Testosterone Levels: Central to Isodrol's performance is the elevation of testosterone levels. As a precursor for other essential steroid hormones, Isodrol, containing DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), stimulates your body to produce more anabolic hormones. The result? Increased muscle strength and enhanced athletic performance.

    • Estrogen Activity Reduction: Isodrol is not just about boosting testosterone; it's also about reducing estrogen activity. With its potent ingredient Dehydroabient Acid, known as Abieta 8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid, Isodrol acts as a formidable estrogen blocker, enhancing free testosterone levels.

    • Natural and Safe: Isodrol combines the power of natural compounds like Laxogenin, which mimic hormone-like effects, without disrupting your hormonal balance.

    Experience the Future of Performance: Isodrol by Afterdark is more than a supplement; it's a performance catalyst. If you're ready to unlock your full anabolic potential and embark on a journey of quality muscle growth, Isodrol is your gateway to success.

    For amplified results, consider synergizing Isodrol with other remarkable products from Afterdark, such as 3B-Andro & Turkabolen.

    Recommended Dosage: For optimal results, take 1 serving (1 capsule) twice daily. Let Afterdark Isodrol redefine your muscle-building journey."

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